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We offer consultation for instant enlightenment on your earthly and spiritual journey. We channel words of advice and wisdom for you from the ancestors and your spirit guides. Through our psychic powers we offer readings, predictions and wise counsel from your ancestors and forefathers..

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  • I'm now at peace with my self and hope to consult you more for more enlightenment. Thank you so much Chief luka...

    - Kelly, UK

  • Dr Luka I rock in love with my Lover now. I had alot issues but it’s all good now. things you promised so far are happening....

    Jeff, USA

  • I really appreciate your great work and kindness Chief Dr Luka, Thank you so much for understanding my situation,

    Tina, Australia

Spell Casters

Every one in life has either Spiritual or none spiritual problems , its your Choice to bare with it or seek for the assistance.we are love spells casters,herbalist,traditional healers,reiki and spiritual healers,psychic readers refered to as sangoma and weight loss consultant If you have decided to consult us today, it is probably because you have a personal problem to resolve. As love spells casters,psychic reader,herbalist,traditional healer and alternative medicine Service providers. I would like to share with you the information below since it has commonly been brought to us several times in past. And any one with any issues that require spiritual assistance can consult us and could be assisted with our long term experience in spiritual healing, Voodoo, traditional healing, love spells casting, psychic reading and herbal practices.if you find any information in this site helpful to you and you wish to seek for help, we are here to assist.


This very potent spell is designed to either strengthen ones existing marriage or lead one into a new one. The ultimate purpose is to foster a love that will fulfill ones dreams.


Although we all know what luck is and understand that there is good and bad luck, some times it may be hard to understand how luck works and one may wonder when, where and how it may take its course, and sincerely you will never know, but by evaluating ones daily life, challenge, opportunities and how one struggle to get the best of his endeavors, then one may get a clear picture on whether it was good luck or one had experienced bad luck. we understand that no one would love to have bad luck, also as spiritualists we understand much about the aspect of luck and know when one has good or bad luck . With all that to our understanding we try to bridge the gap by banishing bad luck and also prepare and cast luck spells. For example; Good luck spells, Luck charms, Talisman and so on

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